Hello Friends!


We are ordering Firdous Express (Mediterranean) for dinner this Wednesday. Please text your order to Catie by noon Wednesday at: (440) 985-8231. You can find their menu online. Please keep your order ~$10. 

What we have happening this week:

1) This is our last Wednesday Together for the Semester. Gather at 5:30 pm November 30.  Dinner and conversation. Advent evening prayer (Holden Evening Prayer) at 7PM. Come upstairs after dinner and sing.


2) Sunday Worship 10am Sunday, December 4, 2022. It is the first Sunday of the month so we will walk up to our favorite El Tenampa after worship on Sunday. Come enjoy food and conversation.


3) Join members of Christ Lutheran for Christmas Caroling to our homebound members this Sunday December 4 at 3PM. Meet at the church and we will organize rides.  We will have snacks when we get back to the church.


4) Join our GroupMe: The Bridge 


Got Questions? Email us at thebridge@ohio.edu.  Looking forward to seeing your faces! 


Pastor Chad is always happy to treat for coffee or lunch, or just to meet for a chat about what is on your mind.  You can schedule a meeting here.


+Pr. Chad, Catie, and Daisy the Dog