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What's happening this week? 


Bridge: 5:30 pm Wed. Oct. 6th in the side yard (or Fellowship Hall depending on weather)

  • Features food from Sonic.  Please keep your order below $8 and please let Rinnah (513-604-3061) know via text what you would like before noon on Wednesday. *If you cannot eat anything on their menu (they do have chicken strips) please let Rinnah know, and she will offer an alternative. 
  • The second to last session of My Grandmother's Hands and related works.  Not chronological so stop in if you can! Our final session will be on Oct. 13th when we head to Pr. Chad's house for a Wed. Night Bridge firepit session. 

Worship: Sunday, Oct. 10th at 10am in the side yard

  • Join CLC folks in worship at 10a.m. in the side yard.  In the event of inclement weather, please join us online through our website, facebook, or YouTube.  Note: our website is updated by 9am Sunday morning to let you know if we are online only, simply look at the "News" for the revelant Sunday Worship + Bulletin.

Save the Dates

  • Wed. Oct. 13th, 5:30pm -- Wednesday Night Bridge goes to Pr. Chad's home for fire, food, and fellowship.  Rides will be provided; let Rinnah (cell number above) know if you will need a ride. 
  • Sat. Oct. 16th at 10:30am -- The church is hosting a drive-thru welcome for Pr. Chad and family as we weren't able to do one last year due to Covid.  Drive thru and honk or pull up a chair and sit a spell.  This is a whole church event.  
  • Sat. Oct. 30th, 4-8pm -- Fall Fun Festival at Katie Beth, Sue Ellen, and Marilyn's home, Hiking (optional), Outdoor Games, Bean Soup and S'mores.  This is a whole church event so will be a lot of fun! 
  • Fri. Nov. 12th, 7pm -- Camp Fire out at Katie Beth, Sue Ellen, and Marilyn's home (Bridge only event)

Have a great week, and don't forget,we are hiring! See more info on the two available positions, one specifically for college students, by clicking here. Also, we'd love to meet you for coffee! Text Katie Beth or click "request appointment" on our website to meet with Pr. Chad. 

-Katie Beth, Maggie the dog, and Pr. Chad