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Hi all, 

Did you miss it? We are hiring! We are looking for a second peer minister for Bridge and a part time Director for Youth and Family.  (The second position is ideal for a grad student who will be in Athens a few years.) Click here for more details. 
ATTENTION: Your RSVP and non-refundable deposit for both the retreat and canoeing are due this Wednesday Sept. 8th.  You can now pay easily online - email us at for more details. 
Read on to see how to choose your meal for Wednesday and how to RSVP for any of our upcoming events.  
What we have happening this week:
1) Bridge Wednesday Night Dinner/Discussion 5:30 pm Wed. Sept. 8th in the side yard (or Fellowship Hall if inclement weather). 
  • Features hot dogs from Larry's.  It's $.99 Weenie Wednesday.  Please let Rinnah know how many of the short (less than 6") hot dogs you would like and if you want them standard (onions, mustard, coney sauce) or with cheese.  To keep it simple, we are only ordering the short dogs, so if you usually get a coney, order two shorts!  It's about the same amount of meat :) You can also let Rinnah know if you would like a side of regular or seasoned fries. Text her with your name and order by noon on Wednesday: 513-604-3061
  • All are welcome!  We continue on with our readings from Songs of Solomon and learning from the book My Grandmother's Hands.  It's not chronological, so no worries if you missed us last week! 
2) Worship 10am Sun. Sep. 12th in the side yard of the church (behind student house). 
  • If folks want to do coffee, tea, or juice at a local place after worship again, we absolutely can -- but you will be buying your own this time :)  Let us know Sunday! 
3) Save the Dates
  • Retreat at Lutheran Memorial Camp Sept. 18-19 Our retreats are laid back times for fun and fellowship--plenty of time to relax.  Leave 9am Saturday return lunch/ early afternoon Sunday.  Must RSVP and pay Wednesday Sept. 8th. Cost is $40 and includes all meals, climbing the rockwall, and doing the zipline.  The church is covering the other half of your cost of attendance.  We will be in a cabin together with separate restroom facilities outside the cabin.  
  • Moonlight Canoeing Sept. 25th at 6:30 pm (must leave Athens by 5:45pm) in Logan at Hocking Hills Canoe Livery.  Must RSVP and pay by Wednesday, Sept. 8. Cost for you is $15 as the church will cover the other half. The trip includes glow necklaces and bracelets + live music (outdoors) and s'more making at the end. 
  • Apple Butter making at Lutheran Memorial Camp Sunday, Oct. 10 from 11am - 3p.m..  Join us as we drive up to camp for the day to help out with making apple butter.  It's a finger licking good time! 
  • Camp Fire out at Katie Beth, Sue Ellen, and Marilyn's home Friday, Nov. 12th at 7p.m.
Want to meet with Katie Beth or Pr. Chad one on one?  Set up a meeting with KB by emailing here or texting her directly.  For Pr. Chad, click "Request a meeting" on our homepage and go from there. 
-Katie Beth, Maggie the dog, and Pr. Chad