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What's happening this week? 


Bridge: 5:30 pm Wed. Nov. 10th Fellowship Hall 

  • Continuing our series on Acts.
  • We will be having Chipotle this week.  Please keep your order under $9 and be sure to RSVP your order to Rinnah (513-604-3061) by noon on Wednesday.  As always, let us know if there is a dietary need that can't be met at this restaurant!

Bonfire  Fri. Nov. 12th at 7p.m. at Katie Beth's home

  • KB lives approximately 20 minutes away from Athens in a place built for bonfires!
  • S'mores and hot chocolate will be provided -- BYO for anything else. 
  • For directions to KB's, please text Rinnah or Katie Beth. 

Arsenic and Old Lace: Saturday, Nov. 13th at 7pm at Athens High 

  • Pr. Chad, whose undergrad degree is in theater, is the volunteer drama director at Athens High.  He and a superb cast of high school students are performing "Arsenic and Old Lace."  Cost is $10 at the door, or $10 plus a small fee for electronic delivery if purchased online at this link:  Several of us are going to the Saturday showing, contact Katie Beth via text if you need a ride.  Please don't let cost be a barrier - let us know if that is an issue.  (*Note that KB is on call, so you may have to be dropped off at home by someone else - her landlords or another student that is driving--if she receives a call to the hospital during the performance.) 

Save the Dates

  • Wed. Nov. 17th is Bridge Thanksgiving.  Join us for a delicious turkey dinner with all the trimmings + pumpkin pie, courtesy of Bob Evans.  No lesson for that night, just some gobble games and fun times
  • Wed. Dec. 8th is the final Bridge of the semester.  Time is flying! 

Have a great week, and don't forget,we are hiring! See more info on the two available positions, one specifically for college students, by clicking here. Also, we'd love to meet you for coffee! Text Katie Beth or click "request appointment" on our website to meet with Pr. Chad. 

-Katie Beth, Maggie the dog, and Pr. Chad