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Hello Friends!

Hope you all have a great Spring Break!  It is winter again here in Athens. 


1) If you are back… Sunday Worship 10am March 19th. It is the Fourth Sunday in lent. 


2) The “Jesus Camp” watch party has been rescheduled for Saturday the 25th at 6PM at Pastor Chad and Cheryl’s home.   RSVP to Catie so we can coordinate rides.


3) Join our GroupMe: The Bridge 


4) We are working on dates for a one-day retreat. Do you have other ideas for special activities this semester?


Got Questions? Email us at  Looking forward to seeing your faces! 


Pastor Chad is always happy to treat for coffee or lunch, or just to meet for a chat about what is on your mind.  You can schedule a meeting here.


+Pr. Chad, Catie, and Daisy the Dog