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Hello Friends!


We are ordering from Pita Pit ( for dinner this Wednesday. Please text your order to Catie by noon Wednesday at: (440) 985-8231. You can find their menu online. Please keep your order ~$10. 

What we have happening this week:

1) Wednesday Together this week is Pita Pit (see above) and games.  See you at 5:30!


2) Sunday Worship 10am Sunday, February 5th. It’s the fifth Sunday after Epiphany.  The Gospel lesson is the next part of the sermon on the mount in Matthew where Jesus talks about salt and light.


3) We will go to El Tenampa on Court Street after worship on February 5th for first Sunday brunch.


4) Join our GroupMe: The Bridge 


5) We are working on dates for a retreat to camp.  Do you have other ideas for special activities this semester?


Got Questions? Email us at  Looking forward to seeing your faces! 


Pastor Chad is always happy to treat for coffee or lunch, or just to meet for a chat about what is on your mind.  You can schedule a meeting here.


+Pr. Chad, Catie, and Daisy the Dog