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Dear All,

Please check this posting regularly as it will be updated with information related to the business of the annual congregational meeting.  Items such as the annual reports, proposed budget, etc. will be added here as they become available. 

6/1 Proposed Constitution Changes: At the ELCA Churchwide Assembly a number of changes to the ELCA model consitution for congregations were passed.  To keep our CLC constitution up to date council recommends that we accept/pass the changes to amend our constitution accordingly.  The recommended changes can be found in the document below titled: Amendments_to_the_Model_Constitution_for_Congregations_2022

6/2 Minutes from 2022 Annual Meeting added (see downloads below)

6/16 Statement of Financial Position and Proposed 2023/24 Budget added (see downloads below)

6/19 Meeting Agenda and Letter from President regarding the budget