UPDATED - 6.12.2021 to include the following attachments (scroll down to downloads to see them):

  • Letter from the Treasurer (please read first)
  • Proposed Budget

UPDATED - 6.11.2021 to include the following attachments (scroll down to downloads to see them):

  • Agenda for the Annual Meeting
  • Minutes from the 2020 Annual Meeting
  • 2020-2021 Annual Report

Dear all,

Please check this posting regularly as it will be updated with more information related to the business of the annual congregational meeting as appropriate, ie the annual reports, proposed budget, etc. will be added here as available. 

Attached you will find one of the first items of business, the draft of constitutional revisions that are up for your consideration.  Please read Pr. Chad's note on the proposed revisions: 

Every three years when the ELCA meets in Churchwide Assembly, the voting members amend and update the model constitution.  The last model update occurred in 2019.  The major updates to that model were language changes regarding the rosters of the church.  Pastors are now designated as ministers of word and sacrament and Deacons are designated as ministers of word and service.  We need to bring our constitution in line with the model constitution.  Note, in ours, a few things have been reordered and some grammatical changes made for consistency and clarity.  Items that begin with an (*) are considered mandatory by the ELCA and may not be changed.  We have also incorporated our bylaws (designated as B) and continuing resolutions (designated as CR) into the body of the constitution at the end of the chapter to which they refer.

If you have any questions about the changes that appear in the draft please be in touch with Pastor Chad.  Council and pastor voted unanimously in favor of the draft.