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Dear all,

In light of the recent surges in active Covid cases and particularly the fact that our local ICU is full--with medical care being delayed or diverted--your Church Council has made the difficult decision to close the church building to all communal gatherings. 

Specifically, this means that starting this Sunday, January 16th, worship will be online only.  Additionally, groups such as OA, AA, and the Bridge will no longer be meeting in our building.  

Council will continue to monitor the situation closely and will re-evaluate when our local medical systems are no longer being over-taxed. 

For individual use of the building for things such as internet, music practice, etc., please contact both the office and pastor at least 24 hours prior (more if on a weekend as email checking on the weekend is only done intermittently by the pastor since the office is closed).  Please wait for confirmed permission before using any space.  

Thank you so much for your understanding.  Stay warm.  Stay healthy.  This too shall pass.