We were hoping to order 20 copies of Keith Wassmerman's book for the bulk order, and we are sitting at 12 copies requested.  Please let the office know ASAP if you want a copy -- either by clicking here or calling the office anytime today and leaving a voicemail.  Note, the price we have secured is about $3 cheaper than any other vendor and supports both the authors, Keith and Christine, and a local bookshop. 
Additionally, friendly reminder that Vibert Cambridge and Solveig Spjeldnes have worked very hard on a presentation and discussion entitled "Critical Race Theory: What is it really? Myths and Disinformation Dispelled" which will be given during the Sunday, Aug. 8th Coffee Hour at 11:30am.  It will be held in the Sanctuary (please wear a mask) or folks can join in via Zoom by clicking here.  About the presenters: Vibert Cambridge is former chair of the Black Studies Department and Solveig Spjeldnes is a former associate professor in the Department  of Social Work, both at Ohio University.