Thank you to all who purchased Poinsettias to decorate the church for Christmas. 

It was a beautiful display.


George Weckman


Betsy Winsley


Jeanne and Luther Haseley in memory of Art Ruth


Sue Righi in memory of Tony & Jane Righi


Jane Unger in memory of Richard Swanson, Barry Unger, Rev. Henry Millhorn


Richard Brackin in memory of Valda Hotzapfel


Peter Jung and Karen Petersohn-Jung  in memory of Jeffery Petersohn


Mary Kay Kerber in memory of Karl Runser


David Fosselman in memory of Julie F. Roccograndi, Grandparents/loved ones lost


Marilyn Shealy in memory of Mary and Freemon Hanes (Parents)


David Fosselman in honor of Youth/Families of the church


Linda and Rod Sauer in honor of Betty Blackford


Stephen and Karen Chikosky in honor of Lily and Audrey Morar


Connie Davidson in honor of Ethel Evans Jaenicke