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Sunday, May 12, 2024 – Seventh Sunday of Easter – Ascension (Observed)

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Tag—You’re It!

Jesus has been raised from the dead and has appeared in a variety of ways to convince people of God’s power. On Ascension Day, Jesus is taken to heaven, but not without promises and action plans for those who remain. Wait here! (Ready?) You will receive power to be witnesses throughout the whole earth. You will receive a spirit of wisdom and revelation as you come to know God. You will receive an inheritance. (Set . . .) You will know hope. You, the church, are Christ Jesus’ body, even as his body disappears from sight. (Go!)

It’s like a holy game of tag in which Jesus tags followers, saying, “You’re it. Now, you’re me in the world.” These are words we gather in worship to wait for, and we don’t have long to wait. As we dip fingers in the font, we touch promises. We’re a part of Christ’s family. As we meet at the table, we taste promises. We become Christ’s body. And next Sunday is Pentecost—Holy Spirit, come—this is the one who comes as promised, to call, bring together, inspire, and make holy.

These promises connected to Jesus’ ascension result in the biblical stories about followers who worship, bless God, gain hopeful attitudes and a sense of mission. The two men in white robes urged those gazing up toward heaven to get going! We also need a similar prompt: This living Jesus comes the same way as you saw him go. So watch for the presence of Christ, powerfully making the church his body. Watch for the presence of Christ, whenever the church pours itself out in love for others. As we come to know him and the hope to which he has called us, may we have open minds, enlightened hearts, and be clothed with power from on high.


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