Welcome to the 15th Sunday after Pentecost. 

Dear CLC family,
We would certainly like to express our gratitude for the several people stepping up to help during my passing-out incident this past Sunday.  We're so lucky that Michael in particular recognized that I had a serious medical problem.  If I had fallen out of the chair it surely could have made matters worse.  And so thankful that Dr. Mindy Ford was there to assist.  After spending nearly 4 hours in the emergency room and undergoing many tests and procedures, the diagnosis was "Unspecified Syncope Type."  I guess that means they don't know why I passed out.  And my apologies for disrupting Sunday's service.
Merl & Mim 

The bulletin for this week may be found by looking under "downloads" at the bottom of this post. 

This morning's worship is available live on our website, on our Facebook page and YouTube channel.  The direct link to the YouTube is here:  https://youtu.be/wVjtrgj5KAc. Past services can also be viewed on all of the above platforms. On our website, click on the worship tab and look at the bottom of the page for the past services list.

Time with Children will be graciously provided by Nick Claussen (puppets) this week.  Look for it during the 10am worship service.

Children's Church-Children, grades 3 and under are invited to Children’s Church. Children’s Church is offered during the 10am service immediately following the Children’s Message and will return to Worship prior to Communion. 

Patricia Cambridge has a new improvisation for us this week.  Please check it out on her personal YouTube Channel.

Mask Policy for in-person worship: Please note, after its most recent meeting, Council is continuing our policy of worship being mask optional.   

Thank you for joining our worship today.  Please know that your financial support for the ministry of Christ Lutheran is greatly appreciated. Consider giving in one of the following ways:

  • Mail your Sunday offerings to: Christ Lutheran Church, Attn Wanda Weinberg, 69 Mill St., Athens, OH 45701
  • Donate on our website, click on "Give" on the top right and follow through the prompts.